The Trylle Trilogy (book)

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The Trylle Trilogy (book)

Post by -wanderingfree- » Sat 17th Aug 2013

Hiya people! ^^ I know alot of you have probably never heard of this book series but I love it and I wanna know if any of you have read it and what you think about it.
For anyone looking for more info on the books, here it is. :)
Author: Amanda Hocking
Books: Switched (bk 1); Torn (bk 2); Acsend (bk 3)
My rating: (which probably doesnt matter to some of you) 5 stars!!!!!
~ ...Leave me alone / God let me go / I'm blue and cold / Black sky will burn / Love pulls me down / Hate lifts me up / Just turn around / There's nothing left... Dear Agony / Just let go of me / Suffer slowly / Is this the way it's gotta be / Don't bury me / Faceless enemy / I'm so sorry / Is this the way it's gotta be / Dear Agony... ~

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Re: The Trylle Trilogy (book)

Post by ashyartemispotozuko » Sun 15th Mar 2015

Oh my god, I LOVE this series!!!! I read all three in like a week and a half (that's super fast for me!)
THANK YOU SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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