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world is quiet here
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Post by world is quiet here » Fri 3rd Aug 2012

Anyone heard of W.A.R.P, Eoin's 'new series', which was in the back of TLG on my copy.
Anyone like the first chapter?

Amber Root
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Re: W.A.R.P

Post by Amber Root » Thu 26th Sep 2013

I just got the book from school today and the first chapter is AMAZING. I havn't felt this way for a book since AF asdfghjkl;'

*goes to read more*
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Re: W.A.R.P

Post by ClockworkHoenn » Sun 23rd Feb 2014

It actually took me a while to get through. I did enjoy it after I finished though and I should most likely read it again.

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Re: W.A.R.P

Post by Cabaline » Sun 23rd Feb 2014

I haven't read it :/
Is it good? Coz I've got a lot of books to read but if you guys say it's worth it then I might push it to the top of the list ;)
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