The Wish List

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Re: The Wish List

Post by partyonsoccerfan » Mon 15th Jun 2009

I bet u have Irish in ur blood, hh123 cause I know ur american just like me. well, I'm some irish. I love The Wish List and it's not gothic!! It was great!
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Re: The Wish List

Post by cookieninja » Thu 17th Sep 2009

The Wish list was okay but not the greatest Colfer Creation. I got it from the library and a little like Airman I found it a touch confusing. I didn't really like the side characters but the main ones were okay. I liked all the parts about Maggie and the evil step dad especially what she did to the plasma.
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Re: The Wish List

Post by crazychick » Sun 29th Nov 2009

I never finished it. I did not like it. Well, I did my mother DID NOT. And when I tried to read it, i was 11. That was a long time ago. I am now 12. :)
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Re: The Wish List

Post by codeblackrose » Thu 11th Feb 2010

It was...okay. Nice. Not great. And I found something similar - Myishi. Both the supernaturalists and the wish list have that name inside, so it's a bit confusing when you try to read noth books one after another.
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Re: The Wish List

Post by <3PEXnCHIPS » Wed 24th Feb 2010

I liked the wish list. It wasn't what I had expected from the name and cover, but it was interesting.

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Re: The Wish List

Post by Dontkillchic » Wed 7th Apr 2010

I liked the Wish List, I think I read it before Artemis Fowl but didn't pay all that much attention to who had written it V.V
It was really good though, St.Peter and Bub were just EPIC.
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Re: The Wish List

Post by Butlerkicksbutt » Sat 19th Feb 2011

It was such a great book
:) :D

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Re: The Wish List

Post by world is quiet here » Sat 21st Jul 2012

:shock: I haven't read it? What is the plot? Please don't spoiler, I mean the plot. X'DX'D

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Re: The Wish List

Post by caleb legend » Sat 24th Aug 2013

i like the wish list is an awesome!!
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