Next Chapters!

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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Post by DFM4321 » Thu 3rd Nov 2005

I think the next novel will feature more on the humans side of things. The People have had 2 or 3 problems with their own and its time for Artemis, Butler and Holly to get involved in something from the humans - probably the military. Would also like to see Artemis continue in his fathers footsteps and restore the family fortunes. :rolleyes:

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Post by MichaelM » Tue 3rd Jan 2006

Seems like a good idea tbh :)

I would like to see the military get involved. Im sure that would mean Foaly having to produce a few more gadgets to keep the People safe! :D

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Re: Next Chapters!

Post by Inky Duchess » Sat 7th Jul 2012

sounds reasonable.
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Re: Next Chapters!

Post by Bang Your Drum » Sat 7th Jul 2012

This thread is six years old, it doesn't have to do with TLG or anything like that. Please do not necro-post in the future.
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