Dodging Dorian

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Dodging Dorian

Post by artymon I\/ » Thu 26th Sep 2019

So this month I've got a little something different for you, a ballad to the devious Dorian that threatened to wipe us off the map.

I had it written and done a little while ago, but was just lazy uploading everything. There's a few lyrics I don't end up using in my 'live' version, so consider them a bonus of sorts.

Who knows, maybe if Karen hits us, I'll sing a little diddy for her too...



There’s a storm brewing in the air tonight
Looks like he’s spoiling for a fight
A big bad category five hurricane
Oh boy, things’re gonna get gory again

Here we go again…
Here we go again!

Now lookie here, Dorry
Come ‘round here and you’ll be sorry
So pack it up and go
Find somewhere else to blow

I said don't come around here no more
If ya do, it's gonna mean war
And I just don't have time
To be making all these rhymes

Assemble the aquatic Avengers, now!
Let's make this storm go OW!
Poseidon, Thor, and gnarly Neptune
Raise a trident, grab a spear, and sing a tune


Hey Dorian, go blow off
You think you’re big n tough
Well, we’ve had enough
Dealing with your stuff
Why not check out the Bahamas
They look nice, says your mama


Well, I’ve weathered my share of storms
But you’re sure outta the norms
You’re like an Energizer Bunny
You keep going and going, honey


Time to raise a flag
Heat the barbecue
Organize some crying rags
Run off and stock the loo


Here we are in the final hour
About to face the full fury
Nobody can guess your power
Better move in a hurry
Else we’ll be blown away
Hammer up and start to pray
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