Smoke on the Water

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Smoke on the Water

Post by artymon I\/ » Sun 23rd Jun 2019

Just a little diddy. It's something more of a snapshot than a fully fleshed scene.


Smoke billowed all around.
Why’s it always smokey?
It was almost a by-product of the blood that sprayed the decks…along with an appendage or two.
Like the instant so much as a finger gets severed, a fire autonomously develops through the power of anarchy.
Not that Livy was complaining too much.
The smoke provided excellent cover whilst she slashed throats and stabbed sternums. The quicker she was, the quicker she and the others could disengage and disappear.
Over her earpiece, she heard anguished screams and pained cries. Hopefully those were the other guys.
Not her guys.
It had already proven more than a mistake coming here. It was clear they were expecting her.
One plucky pirate lunged in front of her, eagerly (but clumsily) whipping his blade around like he was trying to quickly paint a fence.
Livy caught his fencing hand and sank her own sword inside him. Utilizing the dying dreadnot’s weapon, Livy lobs off the head of a passerby.
An explosion rocked the deck.
Queasily, Livy cast an eye back, attempting to discern the source of the explosion.
Impossible to tell.
Too much smoke.
Please don’t let that be us…
Her earpiece buzzed with voices. Some more distinct than others. The system’s automatic filtration centered on the most prominent feed it was receiving, thus the one most likely actually trying to communicate.
“Hey Sweetcheeks, uh…we’ve got issues here. More than we can handle, we’re taking on water, I’m not sure the ol’ girl can handle anymore – ”
Kicking a knave in the chest, she sent the assailant sailing over the side of the enemy ship into the icy waters below. Nothing would survive long in so cold a climate.
Hopefully she wouldn’t have to put that to test for herself.
She pressed the manual override PTT button, cueing a response.
“Alright. Get the Lady out of here. She’s no good all busted up.”
To his credit, a small steel note entered Irving’s voice.
“Not leaving without you…Captain.”
For all his annoyances, he was a loyal bugger.
Maybe at another time, Livy would smile or shed a touched tear.
Right now she was just pissed.
“Get out! Now!
A defeated sigh washed through the airwaves.
“Fine. But for the record, I don’t like this.”
Neither do I, Livy admitted to herself.
“The odds aren’t exactly something I’d bet on, either.”
Livy froze.
A heinous hellion attempts to gleefully capitalize on the moment and sneak up on Livy.
As soon as she’s within swinging range of our heroine, she carefully draws her blade back…
With the barest of glances, Livy hooks a halyard line on the hellion and kicks a winch, sending the lawless lass skyward.
Her paralyzing paroxysm broken, Livy processes the voice she’s just heard.
A voice not heard since the Uni. The old life. The one she’d left behind.
The voice of…
“Hook.” Livy keeps her tone curt. Cool, calm. Collected. Most of all, she strives not to let her astonishment overthrow her better senses. “What’re you doing here?”
“Well, I was in the area and noticed you seem to be having some nautical dilemmas.”
If it were anyone else, she’d have gladly whipped together a snappy retort, like My only dilemma is you, mate, now row off.
“Haha! Our sailing savior!” Nymeria at least was pleased.
But that was easy for her, wasn’t it?
She’s spared from composing any sort of response by the illustrious host whose ship Livy invited herself aboard.
The voice was cold, flat. It inspired not even a flutter of emotion from Livy.
“I’m glad to have been able to facilitate this little reunion, touching as it were…”
Some say the reason the alligator that bit off half of Von Beck’s face only halted after realizing the creature it was attacking was colder than itself, lacking even a soul.
Or more likely Von Beck had eaten an extra helping of sauerkraut beforehand.
“Mister…ah…O’Donoghue, I must admit my surprise and disappointment. I’ve followed your career casually; it’s not like you to be Jones’s errand boy.”
A hearty laugh of pure bravado filters through the radio.
“Then you mistake my intentions, Jerry. I’m only here to see a job done. A job that includes sending you to the bottom of the ocean.”
Von Beck was not amused. Nor intimidated.
“Too bad. We could have worked together, instead you die with the rest. The seas shall be stained with your blood, now that your luck has run out.”
Colin wasn’t intimidated either.
“I make my own luck.”
Executing a breathtaking backflip, Livy sends another unfortunate fellow over the side of the ship and into the soulless sea for a personal meeting with Davy Jones.
A very exclusive and elusive person, to be sure.
“I thought you weren’t in the hero business,” she challenged, unable to devoid her tone entirely without emotion. A hopeful pang surfed off as a short laugh.
Perhaps she hadn’t done as thorough a job of pushing them away.
Though she wasn’t able to entirely stave off the suspicion of wondering if Colin might have an ulterior motive for assisting her.
“Never said I was, love,” Colin gallantly returns. “Purely a professional courtesy, though I rather fancy the idear of you owing me a favor…”
Uneasy at the idea of owing anyone anything so much as a tissue, Livy’s face is a grim slash.
Was he on the level? Or would part of his “professional courtesy” include extracting his own brand of vengeance on her?
“Uh huh, well….I’m glad you’re here regardless,” Livy uneasily admitted.
At the end of the day, that was the simple truth. He had come to offer help. Even if there was some ulterior motive like (Athena forbid) asking her on a date.
“Just stay alive, love, you’ve cornered a mad animal.”
Easier said than done. One of Von Beck’s goons swings a pulley chain at her, scoring a hit along her right shoulder, causing her to drop her sword.
Seizing the opportunity, the ill-informed idiot eagerly rushes forward, believing the Australian incapacitated…only to feel the impact of Livy’s head butt against him.
He trips and Livy whips a gun out, finishing the job.
“Ow,” she dryly comments to no one, rubbing her forehead.
No time to rest as another goon from the next deck up is firing on her.
With a liquid roll, she reclaims her sword and slashes a line, causing a heavy pallet to fall on her would be sniper.
Ducking under a railing, Livy takes a moment to twist a dial on her radio, belted to her waist, centering on Colin’s frequency. Now their communications wouldn’t be overheard by Von Beck.
“Cover the Lady as she gets out, but make sure none of Von Beck’s guys leave. If even one of them manages to escape….this’ll be for nothing.”
“Understood,” Colin acknowledged, nodding even though she couldn’t see him.
From around the cove, the two ships loomed into view.
One was a veritable warship. Von Beck.
One was a cruiser class sailing vessel. Livy.
Both had enough smoke emitting from their respective ships to give the impression of a dark cloud following them. The storm was raging hard.
At least it was clear out with only a few white puffy clouds. The weather reports had been wrong, thankfully.
That was what he thought anyway.
On sighting Colin’s vessel, Von Beck immediately scrambled his men to launch off their mortar cannons. It’d take a bit before they could properly position their broadsides to take the newcomer out.
Around the Jolly Roger, fire and brimstone rained around like a garish Fourth of July party favors. Some hit the surrounding waters, sending up angry geysers of ocean, a few stray shots managed to pelt the deck, keeping Colin’s men on guard as they ran amok, suffocating fires and dragging comrades out of danger.
Over the radio, Livy’s voice crackled again.
“Hey Hook….you have a PA system on that splintered log?”
“…Aye,” he dubiously answered.
Livy grins.
“Play some Amboy Dukes for me.”
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