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Rox Solid

Post by artymon I\/ » Fri 14th Dec 2018

Sort of a midquel thing, had to go back and re-read a scene I wrote ages ago, and it got me thinking what if the conversation had been overheard.

Not sure if this is officially canon, but here you go:

She could hear the voices rising from the boiler room.
This could be it.
She tensed, casting an eye around to check for any other interested parties capable of interfering.
The vast majority of the people in the gym were busy bustling around with the decorations. Now as long as no one ran up to consult her on how best to perk a poinsettia.
But blending with shadows and walls was a hidden talent she took pride in continual honing.
An unusual skill, considering Roxanne usually found herself as the center of attention.
So far most of the conversation had been half and half. Low rumbles of angry voices, countered by the room’s other occupant. Bits and pieces of words flecked past.
“…was that?”
“….she came onto me.”
“…helped….other girls look…mention….Livia Ravenwood…”
“…jealous, Jones?”
“Hey Rox?”
So much for stealth.
The French woman fiercely whipped around, flagrant fury at finding her eavesdropping interrupted. Her expression suggested she was liable to flog the fool for any less intrusion than being informed the school was on fire. Even then she’d be displeased.
The poor girl had turned ashen at sight of Roxy’s anger, unaccustomed to ever seeing the gorgeous girl’s face twisted so abnormally.
(Stranger still, somehow Roxanne could have owned it. The whole angry posh spice routine or something.)
“Um…” The girl, Patricia, was carrying two bundles of lights and nervously set a bundle into her opposite hand to adjust a brown lock of hair. Really she was just desperate to save this particular lock, should the feisty Frenchwoman scalp her.
Course she would scalp Patricia if she just stood there idly gaping.
“….Mel was wondering what lights we ought to use for the sides, we have blue, red, whi – ”
“God, none, find some greens. And red. It’s Christmas, not Fourth of July, Trish.”
Trish nodded and scurried off.
Roxy adjusted her ear in time to catch a few more snatches.
“…lenient…blind eye…both adults…career…reputation…
“…all your interest is…”
“….business….concern….Livy’s mentioned – ”
“….aware….liking to her….healthy….at her house…”
“...doing there?”
“…Coast Guard…consenting….”
Straining, Roxy shifted an eye back to the gym. If only she could get inside, she’d have a much better venue for listening, without all these broken ends. But they’d almost assuredly notice the door opening.
She needed a distraction. If only she had time to set something up….
Then her eyes lit up.
The boiler room also happened to connect with the staging area. Perhaps she could get Natey to arrange something.
Thumbs blazing to shame the most hardened gamer, she blasted off a quick text.
Need distraction for boiler room. SUBTLE.
“….dodging question….Marion date….”
“….dinner….not student….”
“….business…cutting….lass…squirming…eel….deck ship….”
For the love of Aphrodite and Dionysus, where the hell was Nathan?!!?!
Then, as if on cue, she heard the distinct crink and squeal of aged door hinges protesting, even across the way from here.
Okay, it was now or never.
Twisting the doorknob, Roxy gently pulled it open and slipped inside, ducking low behind a piece of vibrating machinery.
Through cracks and veins in the machine’s pipework, she could see the backs of Indy and Colin, their attention drawn to the opposite side where she was just able to spy two stagehands, Taylor and…was it Tyrone? TnT, the dynamite couple.
Nathan would’ve drawn too much attention, thus he sent them in.
Clever, she silently complimented.
Now let’s see if it was worth it.
Depositing their box of props, the dynamite pair traipse out, unable to help but pass a curious look or two at the scene before them: Two of their professors casually conversing while their director’s correction dictator’s girlfriend watched hunched just out of sight.
Nimbly, Roxy shifted back into the shadows.
As soon as the door closed, Colin and Indy turned back to each other.
“Look, all I ask is for honesty,” Colin continued, “that’s honorable enough, isn’t it? I could have lied and dodged around your accusations, though I respected you too much to do so. Don’t prove me wrong.”
Indy appeared to be wrestling with something internal.
She sensed at least probably six to eight paragraphs of rapid fire thoughts blast through him.
He hitched his footing, then settled confidently.
“It’s a personal detail her mother and I have been discussing and well, I promised I wouldn’t say. That’s honorable enough, isn’t it? Respecting the wishes of a woman?”
Colin looked as confused as Roxy felt. What the hell was Indy dodging around?
Something to do with Livy, from what little she could piece together. And Indy dating Marion? Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Good for Marion if she wanted to have some fun, and possibly help bump Livy’s grades up, what was the harm in that?
But no….that was too fantastical.
“I just don’t get it, what are you two trying to hide?” Colin wondered, raising his hand as though to summon the answer, “How does any of this involve Liv – ”
The penny dropped.
Lightning struck through and jolted through Roxy in the same moment as Colin and instantly all was clear.
“ – y. Poseidon’s fury, mate, you’re her bloody…..”
In a manner only Indy could manage, the archaeologist tilted his head in a snarky half shrug, the smallest of smirks spread along his lips.
Well, Colin, I’m sure Livy won’t mind giving you a private, one-on-one lesson on the art of ‘how.’
Still, she was floored herself.
How could Livy not know this? How had Marion not told her?
As quick as they came, the questions answered themselves.
Marion must not have wanted to bother Livy with who the father was, figuring if he was out of the picture, that was that.
But then, when Livy became enrolled in his classes….?
Wait, what if Livy had known and that was the reason….?
No, certainly not. She would have at least told Roxy, the French Heiress was sure.
Glancing around, as though paranoid he were being watched (Roxy couldn’t imagine why), Indy sighed.
“Let’s get a drink, find somewhere a little more discreet.”
Digesting, Colin murmured an agreement and the pair shuffled out of the boiler room, leaving Roxanne alone to contemplate.
A million thoughts revolved around like pasta in a vast pot. The most prominent came back to this: What did she do with this information and how did it affect the plan?
Cautiously, the back door from the stage room opened and Nathan popped his head in, quickly checking the others had vacated.
“How’d it go? Were you successful with….whatever?”
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