Our Family Values - AF Fanfic (oneshot)

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Our Family Values - AF Fanfic (oneshot)

Post by Eldewind Dolly » Wed 11th Jul 2018

Hello everyone :)

It's been quite a while since I've come to this forum. After highschool I kinda let go of Artemis Fowl, even though the characters never really left me. But a few days ago, I came back to fanfiction.net and started re-reading some of my favourite fanfics and discovered new ones. It inspired me to write a oneshot I had in mind for some time.

So I just wanted to share this fanfic I just wrote, which takes place before the first book, after Artemis Fowl Senior's disappearance, and introduces some new characters...

It's called Our Family Values, I hope some of you will read it and I'll be so, so happy to get a few reviews on it !

... :awesome:
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