#33- The Alias Game

An Artemis Fowl game, open for anyone to join in. Read the stickied thread for details.
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#33- The Alias Game

Post by Kagoma_Kage » Mon 2nd Mar 2009

The setting is four years after the current storyline.
And our now not-so-young genius has been up to his old tricks in a big way...
Too big.
After exhausting nearly every resource the investigation team had at their disposal, they've finally got a solid lock.
Artemis Fowl, for the first time in his criminal life, has found himself cornered.
Now there's only one thing left to do...

Ok guys, here's the wind up and the pitch.
I want you to come up with a new identity for Artemis.
I've given the timeline so that you can deal with a character that can live independently.
But I'm otherwise going to leave the structure free so anything from Drabbles to outlines are welcome.
The last Challenge was a total hit, so please enter everyone!
Let's try to keep up that momentum!

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Re: #33- The Alias Game

Post by HollyShort9 » Tue 3rd Mar 2009

So we can enter it in a fanfiction type of thing, except it has to be short, right?
Tell me if I'm wrong and I'll edit it.

Helicopters were surrounding the manor. Artemis swore. "They have me this time..." he mumbled. "Why didn't I think of an escape tunnel before now?!"
He ran up to the manor's attic and looked through a trunk. There was one way to get out of this, and he knew it.
"False identity.." he murmured. He found a fake mustache, a fake beard, a wig, and hillbilly clothes in the trunk. "What the ... What's this doing in here?" he almost yelled. But it was his one chance...
He put on everything and started to walk out the manor when a voice came from an intercom over one of the helicopters' speakers.
"Hey you, why were you in that manor?" the voice yelled. "The owner of this manor is going to jail!"
"Mm?" Artemis yelled back up, putting on hillbilly accent. Oh God, he was going to make himself crazy doing this, but better crazy than going crazy in jail. "That there young'n that you're capturin', Ahtmeis Foal, I think his name was, 'e captured me, 'nd I just got 'way while he was pacin' the floor up in that there manor. I think 'e was trying to think of how 'e was gon' to get outta this one."
The FBI and police evidently thought that it clearly wasn't Artemis, because he'd drive himself crazy doing that, so they let Artemis go... obviously thinking it was some hillbilly that really had been captured. Really, Lord knows what Artemis would do to get money.
Artemis crept out of the manor and watched as the police ran down the door.
Any second now, they'd find out that he wasn't in there and that they'd just let him go, so he started to run for it.
He ran to a clothes store and put on ripped jeans, a chain belt, and all that other 'fashionable' teenager stuff.
Finally, he closed the lock on his new identity, and started calling himself Josh Underhill.
He just hoped no one would notice that his face is exactly like Artemis Fowl's.

I know it sucks but that was the best I could come up with.
we're all stories in the end. just make it a good one, eh? because it was, you know. it was the best.

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Re: #33- The Alias Game

Post by Alanna » Fri 6th Mar 2009

Alias: Dr Robert Fowl Scentry
Job: Doctor, obviously!
Background Story: Born in Australia, moved to Jamaca at the age of 3, moved to Ireland when parents got offered job as reasearchers. Parents died when Robert was 12, in a ultra light weight plane crash. Robert inherited parents money, stayed in various orphanages until old enough to acsess porents money. Whent to unerversity in Alasca and recived full doctorship.Moved to England.
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