#28:For The Boy That's Stolen Everything- Holiday Gift Guide

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#28:For The Boy That's Stolen Everything- Holiday Gift Guide

Post by Kagoma_Kage » Sat 13th Dec 2008

Well, it's half question, half tradition here on the Fan Gathering but it's once again that time of year to ask: If you could get your favorite Fowl character something for Christmas--what would it be?

Well, wonder no more! This year's second Christmas Challenge is to create The Fan Gathering's very own Gift Guide to help make that fictionalized shopping list a little more specific for us all.
1: Pick A Character.
2: Treat Them As an Arch type. [You know, like the: "Gift Guide for Golfers/ Gift Guide for people that love dogs/ Ect.]
3: Search the internet for real items that you think they would enjoy.
4: Enter your top picks with a links to the products you chose.[/color]