#24: Whatever They're Paying Me (It isn't enough.)

An Artemis Fowl game, open for anyone to join in. Read the stickied thread for details.
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Re: #24: Whatever They're Paying Me (It isn't enough.)

Post by Target Aquired » Tue 24th Jun 2008

Thanks, Kagoma. :) I had a blast writing it and heck, I even learned a little Italian on the way! FG is nothing if not educational. :lol:

My username, Target Aquired, is also the product of a spelling error... silly me didn't wait long enough for Dictionary.com to check the spelling before I made it my username. But I like it now. It's unique. 8)

Hey, HS9-- tell your family I'm praying for them. My mother knows a lot of people that have been flooded out of their houses, and we're going places to help. Iowa's going to be recovering from this for awhie... :?

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