#19: Original Character Challenge

An Artemis Fowl game, open for anyone to join in. Read the stickied thread for details.
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Re: #19: Original Character Challenge

Post by HollyShort9 » Wed 12th Mar 2008

Aww mannn! I lost.. Ah well.

Anyways, aren't you supposed to do Honorable Mentions or something like along the lines of that?
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Re: #19: Original Character Challenge

Post by BlackOpal » Wed 12th Mar 2008

That's up to her.

Second! Sweet. :D Thanks.
The computer automatically made it into a link. XD I just rolled with it.
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Re: #19: Original Character Challenge

Post by jadeprincess » Wed 12th Mar 2008

thanks soo much. this is my first and I didn't expect to come in top three. There were so many great entries!!! Thanks!!! :jump:
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Re: #19: Original Character Challenge

Post by MaeveCrowArtemis1 » Sun 13th Apr 2008

Congrats people!!!
Really awesome characters!This was great challenge!
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