#11 - Respect? From Artemis?

An Artemis Fowl game, open for anyone to join in. Read the stickied thread for details.
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Post by no. 1 » Wed 7th Mar 2007

just make sure you do! :P
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Post by The III Prodigy » Wed 7th Mar 2007

Hey MichaelM, can you update the scoreboard?
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Re: #11 - Respect? From Artemis?

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Wed 12th Dec 2007

Oh i don't know....that vampire slayer Buffy looks promising ...... :lol: ;)
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Re: #11 - Respect? From Artemis?

Post by BlackOpal » Wed 13th Feb 2008

This challenge is old. There's no need to keep it open any longer.
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