Which Scooby doo is the best?

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Which is the best Scooby doo?

Scooby doo, Where are you?
What's new Scooby doo?
Scooby doo Mystery Inc.
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Which Scooby doo is the best?

Post by Percy Jackson(sorry) » Mon 16th Mar 2020

So there have been a lot of episodes of Scooby doo. They can really be divided into four sections. First, Scooby doo were are you. Then, What's new Scooby doo. Then, Scooby-do Mystery Inc. Hmmm.... I think we've got a mystery on our hands.....

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Re: Which Scooby doo is the best?

Post by Cabaline » Mon 16th Mar 2020

I struggled to choose between Where Are You and What's New. They were both shown when I was little and I enjoyed them both.
Though my favourite ever is the Johnny Bravo/Scooby Doo crossover. I dunno what era that belongs to.
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