Age Of Empires 3

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Post by DFM4321 » Thu 3rd Nov 2005

I really the new AOE3. Its very similar to the earlier versions but every bit as enjoyable and the new missions are intersting to say the least. Only at Act 2 and hopefully I will see some real military hardware improvements as I go through the ages. :D

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Re: Age Of Empires 3

Post by 017350 » Thu 24th Jan 2008

What is AOE3? I've never heard of it... What system is that for?
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Re: Age Of Empires 3

Post by Falcon! » Fri 7th Dec 2012

Commenting because I love the game. Ahahaha.

I like AoE3 because it... Well, I like it. The graphics are amazing, the idea of adding a home city is brilliant (it gives actual motivation for winning the game) and the best part is the basic's haven't changed. It's still the same game. And. When you say stuff to your allies they actually help you :P
Although, I do wish the maps were bigger. In past versions, you could add more emphasis to your economy with the bigger map size. But whatever.

Also. Does anyone know what "Flying Purple Tapir" is? It's on the list of things you can disable...
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