Hello FG!

New here? Tell us a little about yourself. Or are you going away for a while? Holidays?
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Hello FG!

Post by nebular » Sun 12th Jan 2014


I am 17 years (south) korean girl. And I knew this website a few days ago.

In korea, we have Artemis Fowl book too, but THE TIME PARADOX and 7th and 8th books has not been translated.

So... I have to read the english version. (not korean version.)

In my country, most of my friends don't know artemis....
ummm... I want to say, please be my friend!!

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Re: Hello FG!

Post by Bang Your Drum » Sun 12th Jan 2014

Hey there!
I'm Bang Your a Drum, but you can call me Byddie :)
I'm an admin here, so if you need any help with using the forum feel free to private message me.
I'm 20, I live in the North East region of the United States of America.
I love baking (cookies and pizza!) and other creative stuff (like drawing, writing, and sewing) I love the sims computer game series as well!
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